moveSKILL Podcast #18

Dave interviews four women planning an unsupported ascent of Denali. 3:04-Why an all-women expedition? 7:31-The importance of team building. 10:10-20:17 Routines, preparedness, weather and planning for emergencies. 20:18-Altitude, nutrition & calorie intake. 45:59-The blog (thedenaligirls.com), the sponsors, and a possible book. 51:4-Strong women are sexy.

moveSKILL Podcast #17

Dave & Zack talk about developing better habits in the gym and in how you eat. 00:55- Will asks about getting stronger pull-ups. 05:54- Dave dares you to look for amazing ring row videos on YouTube. 15:02- Gill asks how to go about losing 100 pounds. 23:00- What gluten-free doesn’t mean. 26:40- Set some actionable behavior plans. 32:26- The upcoming MoveSkill app.

moveSKILL Podcast #16

Dave and Zack discuss skill level testing and answer questions. 3:34– How do I adjust my schedule of workouts and rest days? 7:44– On rest days, should I practice extra skills? 10:21– Do I need to lose lean body mass to improve my gymnastic skills? 14:48– Do I need to stretch more? 18:51– How often should I test my skill levels? 21:55– I’m stuck between skill levels, which program should I follow?

moveSKILL Podcast #15

In this episode Dave and Zack talk through the progressions of a muscle-up. From the pre-required movements, to developing skill and strength.

moveSKILL Podcast #14

Motivation and Mastery! Focusing on the fundamentals is the real key to long-term progress. How do we stay on track and achieve mastery?

moveSKILL Podcast #13

Zack and Dave talk about developing advanced skills. What does it really take to achieve a difficult skill? We go into detail and drop some great tips for making progress beyond what you thought you could do.   8:05 – 21:00 moveSKILL has been running a popular program called “None to One”, we discuss details about the program and upcoming additions to it.  21:00 – 22:30 Big Announcement!

moveSKILL Podcast #12

Special guest Becky Simon joins us to talk about women, strength training, yoga, gymnastics, dance and pregnancy! Becky is an accomplished athlete with lots of experience to share.

moveSKILL Podcast #11

Don Myers joins the moveSKILL crew and tells the story of his transformation, from middle aged, out of shape, and overweight to middle aged, really healthy, athletic, and having a blast. What worked for Don may just work for you!

moveSKILL Podcast #10

Featuring guest Dr. Ryan DeBell from The Movement Fix.     We discuss strategies for staying healthy while making progress as an athlete, and the importance of developing healthy movement patterns.

moveSKILL Podcast #9

Learn how to figure out the optimal training approach for your needs.  4:10 – How to plan your training to balance shift work, finding the right dose for you.  32:10 – Learn about the advantages and differences of different training tools.  38:30 – Recovery from knee surgery; how can you make a complete recovery and return to full training?