Instructional Video:

Scapular Strength and Shoulder Position

Learn how to strengthen your shoulders in order to properly perform movements like the dip, push-up and pull-up. Doing so will keep your shoulders healthy and pain free.


This programming is AWESOME! I have been a crossfitter for four years now, but this is the best combo of lifting/mobility/metcons that I have seen. I love the variety, how well thought-out it is, and the detailed explanations — the quality is unbelievable and it has given me a renewed motivation. Great work — I can tell a lot of thought is put into this. The videos are great, I am telling everyone at the gym about this — what great value!

Constance M.

I just wanted to say that this programming is awesome, been following since april and from the start of cycle one. Some friends played around with ring muscle-ups today and I had to try. I have only once before done one strict MU. Today I could do three strict ones in a row, two times. And I have more in me 🙂  Thank you Dave – you really know what you are doing!  Keep up the good work!

Henrik S.