What Makes MoveSKILL Unique?

Structured goals

Each moveSKILL program is based on specific strength training progressions. Bodyweight strength benchmarks, absolute strength benchmarks, and skill development benchmarks, are drawn from the athletic skill level system. We then develop a specific, detailed plan to guide your progress toward all of these goals. Making progress toward multiple goals at the same time is not easy, but with careful planning it is possible!

Periodized strength training

Every moveSKILL program follows a periodized planning cycle. Yearly cycles are sub-divided into 6 month macro-cycles, further broken down into 10 week meso-cycles, and even shorter micro-cycles. All of this planning on our part ensures maximum results for you.

Balanced development

Benchmarks within the moveSKILL levels are carefully calibrated to ensure that your strength development is balanced throughout your body. Our entire strength development program takes this balanced development into account. This approach ensures that you will be able to move past previous plateaus, as well as avoid many common causes of training related chronic pain.


A major part of our commitment to you is to provide clear guidance on every aspect of our program. Detailed instructions are provided for each daily workout. A clear video demonstration is provided for every exercise movement. You will never have to guess what we are asking you to do. We also provide hundreds of longer instructional videos, providing detailed guidance for all major movements. You will get much greater benefit from your work when you understand what you are trying to do.

We use TrainHeroic to deliver our programming

TrainHeroic is a strength and conditioning software platform that allows us to deliver our programming to your phone, tablet or computer.  It’s easy to use. It has lots of fun bells and whistles if that’s your thing or you can use it in it’s basic form.


MoveSkill programming for beginners addresses basic joint stability, being able to move hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles through their full ranges of motion pain free and with control. Following the beginner workouts will guide you to a basic level of strength in all of the fundamental movement patterns, help you develop some basic work capacity, and prepare you to move on to the Fitness level.


As you begin training at the MoveSkill Fitness level you have learned the proper movement patterns, and are able to properly execute barbell squats, deadlifts and military presses. As a Fitness athlete you are able to work hard and continuously for up to 30 minutes and may be able to sustain easier work for much longer.


Performance MoveSkill athletes are beginning to practice complex movement patterns and specific athletic skills. They are learning and becoming good at activities such as; olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, basic gymnastic strength training, sprinting, agility, and tumbling. The Performance level is characterized by using increasingly complex skills and combinations of previously mastered movements.

Freestanding Handstand Program

This is a 12 week program to gain you a freestanding handstand. Hand balancing is a skill built around strength and range of motion. In a handstand you must be able to stabilize your midline, lock arms out overhead with open shoulders, and maintain balance through minute adjustments.

Fix Your Back

Back pain, most often, is caused by a very preventable problem. Painful muscle spasms are often triggered as your body struggles to create stability. Issues such as weak abdominal muscles, weak hips and legs, weak spinal erectors and a profound lack of body-awareness, all combine to create a debilitating lack of stability for your spine, and this lack of stability forces your body into what is essentially a panic mode.

If you are dealing with chronic low back pain, I want to share a proven approach to reducing, and even eliminating, the causes of your pain. These are lessons I learned from fixing my own back and helping hundreds of others get out of chronic back pain.

Instructional Video:

Scapular Strength and Shoulder Position

Learn how to strengthen your shoulders in order to properly perform movements like the dip, push-up and pull-up. Doing so will keep your shoulders healthy and pain free.


This programming is AWESOME! I have been a crossfitter for four years now, but this is the best combo of lifting/mobility/metcons that I have seen. I love the variety, how well thought-out it is, and the detailed explanations -- the quality is unbelievable and it has given me a renewed motivation. Great work -- I can tell a lot of thought is put into this. The videos are great, I am telling everyone at the gym about this -- what great value!

Constance M.

I just wanted to say that this programming is awesome, been following since april and from the start of cycle one. Some friends played around with ring muscle-ups today and I had to try. I have only once before done one strict MU. Today I could do three strict ones in a row, two times. And I have more in me 🙂  Thank you Dave - you really know what you are doing!  Keep up the good work!

Henrik S.