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moveSKILL Podcast #27

Dave talks with OPEX founder James Fitzgerald. 0:00-13:28 Dave and James discuss their backgrounds. 19:42-James discusses training for athleticism vs. longevity. 27:45-James develops his business and discovers CrossFit. 32:11-Dave discusses reinventing himself and developing perspectives on training. 38:48-James lays out some principles.51:08-What’s next for James?

moveSKILL Podcast #26

The moveSKILL guys talk strategies for adding muscle and gaining strength.1:20-The difference between “toned” and “strong”5:00-Zack’s recent muscle gains.12:59-Dave’s 40lb. muscle gains in SEAL training 15:50-Work  hard and eat a mountain of good food.25:16-Gut health, good nutrition, and sleep.33:32-Case study: raising testosterone with better nutrition.39:27 Get strong with moveSKILL programming.

moveSKILL Podcast #25

Dave & Zack talk about getting proper nutrition before, during, and after your workout for optimal training. 1:02 – Planning ahead. 2:54 – Pre-Workout: Sleep. 8:37 – Pre-Workout: Nutrition. 14:16 – Pre-Workout: Hydration. 17:04 – Intra-Workout. 19:01 – Post-Workout

moveSKILL Podcast #24

Dave & Zack present ways to change body composition.2:12–The first step is assessment.7:42–What assessment method do we use?9:39–Developing a nutrition plan.12:39–Use lean mass to determine protein needs. 19:03 –How much carbohydrate?21:41–Time to talk about exercise.25:28–Don’t worry about calories you’re burning.29:03–Importance of sleep.32:30–Food log/support groups.

moveSKILL Podcast #23

Dave & Zack cover two topics: how to find a gym and how NOT to lose body fat.1:30–Finding a facility, two questions to ask yourself 21:45–Fat loss ideas that don’t work.29:33–Think body composition as opposed to fat loss.30:49–It’s not a simply “eat less and exercise more.”31:59–Next podcast: recommendations for changing body composition.33:19–Calories do matter but most people under eat.

moveSKILL Podcast #22

Dave talks with Atlanta Strength & Conditioning’s Charles Mayfield.01:36-The Strong First kettlebell certification.06:04-Dave’s Athletic Skill Levels and the challenge of defining general fitness with a series of tests.15:07-Charles’s evolution as athlete and coach.20:50-The importance of assessment.45:10-The inaugural Cube Summit (www.cubesummit.us).49:33-Discount code for moveSKILL listeners.