November 17, 2013
      Begin the front squat by gripping the bar just wider than shoulder width. Place yourself into the front rack position by stepping under the bar and, with elbows just outside of the wrists, roll the elbows up under the bar to create tension in the upper back. Assume a squatting stance and drive the bar up.

      Step back from the rack and assume a good squatting stance with feet beneath or just outside of hips. Take a deep breath and squeeze your butt and then the abs and drive the knees out and hips slightly back as you begin to descend. Don’t let the upper or lower back round or drop as you descend. Keep the torso as upright as possible.
      Once you reach the bottom of the squat drive through the heels and keep the torso upright while returning upright. Before beginning another repetition re-brace.

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