Fix Your Shoulders

Shoulder Problems?

There is a common, almost universal problem with how we use our shoulders and it is fixable.  This problem causes a large majority of chronic shoulder pain and injury.  At the root of most shoulder problems is a lack of awareness of this key part of our body.  In my many years of coaching, almost everyone shared this lack of awareness.  But the problem is very fixable with smart training.

What you will learn in my Fix Your Shoulders program is how to control and strengthen your entire shoulder structure so you can do all the activities you love again, without pain.

Get Started

Dave’s Fix Your Shoulders is a 12 week personalized program. All options include 4 days per week of programming, delivered through our interactive personal training platform.

Choose from the options below according to how much face to face coaching time you want with Dave:

  • 1 Personal Training session every 2 weeks: 3 payments of $460
  • 1 Personal Training session per week:  3 payments of $820
  • 2 Personal Training sessions per week: 3 payments of $1,540

Currently all personal training is done at your home gym or virtually.