Fix Your Back

Back Pain Anyone?

Who hasn’t experienced low back pain at some point in their lives? For some of us it’s a chronic problem and really interferes with our quality of life. For others back pain only happens occasionally. Over time though, almost all of us experience low back pain.

Clearly our pain is a warning from our body, trying to tell us that something needs to change.  I have been training people to fix their backs for more than 20 years. There are several key relationships in our musculature that typically don’t work well because of our modern lifestyle but these areas are very trainable. As you work through this program, you will experience significant pain relief. In most cases we can completely eliminate low back pain.

Get Started

Dave’s Fix Your Back is a 12 week personalized program. All options include 4 days per week of programming, delivered through our interactive personal training platform.

Choose from the options below according to how much face to face coaching time you want with Dave:

  • 1 Personal Training session every 2 weeks: 3 payments of $460
  • 1 Personal Training session per week:  3 payments of $820
  • 2 Personal Training sessions per week: 3 payments of $1,540

Currently all personal training is done at your home gym or virtually.


What Clients Say

As a former athlete and lifelong surfer, the last 5 years have been extremely frustrating in that I couldn’t do the things I love to do because the back injury that I’ve been living with for 30+ years became unbearably painful. 8 weeks after working with Dave my range of motion is greater now than it’s been in the last 10 years or so. I feel much stronger and I’m not constantly in pain (or fearful of being in pain, which I think is worse). I still have a long way to go and am looking forward to continuing. All I know is that I don’t wake up with pain that is a 4-6 on the pain scale – it’s a non-issue.

Mike M.

Baltimore, MD

I’ve worked in the software industry for many years, and due to sitting and typing for long hours I ended up with severe pain in my back and neck.  By my mid-30’s I couldn’t even sit at work anymore because I was in so much pain.  At times it was hard for me to cook or do the dishes or even brush my teeth.  I’ve had all kinds of physical therapy, massage, botox injections and more, but nothing helped very much.  A year ago, I started working with Dave and it’s made a tremendous difference.  Now I am able to do my job and I’m no longer wondering if I am going to suffer from long-term disability.

Tamra M.

Venice, FL

Shortly after I decided to move to Seattle, I stumbled upon Dave Werner’s bio on the web.  I thought, “That is the guy I need to go see when I get to Seattle.”  Soon after I arrived, I made an appointment with Dave.

Dave started teaching me things I thought I knew.  He slowed down my movements, corrected my form and mistakes. Dave pushed when necessary, but more importantly, he often made me back off and focus on form.  The path has been bumpy and there have been struggles on the way, but I have not been stuck on the floor for days in back pain since I started with Dave.  I have not had to rely on chiropractors and medication to keep me moving.  I am as strong as I was as a Division 1 athlete 20 years ago, but now I understand how to be safe and how to work with my body.  Dave looks out for me, checks in with me frequently, and answers my numerous questions with aplomb.


Seattle, WA