Dave’s Fitness Assessment

Why Assess?

Looking at fitness with too narrow of a view almost always leads us into stalled progress or some other trouble. General Fitness is the ability to do a wide variety of things with reasonable competence and requires a balanced mix of capabilities: balanced strength throughout the body, flexibility, range of motion, endurance, skill, stamina.

When you are defining or assessing your fitness, it is easy to get lost in all those details and end up with a confusing hodgepodge instead of a productive training plan. This is where my decades of experience can help you. I have learned through many successes and many failures that I have to start with a clear comprehensive understanding of my current capabilities in order to get anywhere. Using the assessment I developed through decades of training and coaching experience, I will make you a training map tailored to your needs, including injury recovery, fitness and other goals.

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Dave’s Fitness Assessment is included with Dave’s Personal Training.

What Clients Say

When I started with Dave, I was broken, weak and facing some serious disability due to injuries and lack of proper strength training. I’ll never forget my first session with Dave when he told me to do a squat and I laughed and said I couldn’t because of my knee. He said, you can’t do a squat the wrong way..but I bet you can do it correctly. I am in better shape physically and strength wise now than I ever have been in my life. I can snowboard longer, better and with more athletic ability than ever before. Strength and agility has made me pain free and it makes just everyday things easier. Work has become far less painful and I just move better in general. Dave doesn’t just provide a “workout” but an education to better ones body both physically and nutritionally.

Tawn M.

Seattle, WA

I’m 61 years old, and I have arthritis and a hip replacement.  I had chronic hip pain and I thought I was doomed to a life of decrepitude.  I really didn’t think I could improve my mobility or strength.  Then I heard about Dave and made an appointment.  He identified my weaknesses and said I needed to get my hips moving properly.  I could barely squat to a high stack of mats!  Now, I feel great!  I’m fitter, stronger, and more mobile than I can ever remember.  Dave has always been very generous with his advice and time and I have learned so much from him.

Gail N.

Shoreline, WA