Dave’s Personal
Training Program

Reach Your Fitness Goals

It’s important to align your training methods with your goals. As an example, if you have a goal of running a mile in 6 minutes when it currently takes you 8 minutes, training 6 – 10 miles three times per week is not going to make you faster.  In order to run faster, you have to practice running faster starting with shorter distances like 100 meters and 400 meters to build your speed.

This is true for all training.  To reach a specific goal, we must consider our current abilities, what changes are needed in order to reach our goal, come up with a training plan to cause those changes and then follow the plan. It’s also necessary to continuously monitor our progress and adjust the plan as needed.

These principles guide how I coach.  We will begin any training program with an assessment and discussion of goals and methods from which I create a plan for you to reach your goals.

Get Started

Dave’s Personal Training Program is a personalized program based on your situation and needs.

Included are:

  • detailed physical assessment
  • programming written specifically to help you reach your goals
  • 3-5 days per week of workouts, delivered through our interactive personal training platform
  • 1:1 coaching and feedback

$180 per hour
$100 per month for programming

Choose one of these options for 1:1 time  with Dave:

  • 2 hours per month
  • 1 hour per week
  • 2 hours per week
  • 3 hours per week

Currently all personal training is done at your home gym or virtually.


What Clients Say

When I started with Dave, I was broken, weak and facing some serious disability due to injuries and lack of proper strength training. I’ll never forget my first session with Dave when he told me to do a squat and I laughed and said I couldn’t because of my knee. He said, you can’t do a squat the wrong way..but I bet you can do it correctly. I am in better shape physically and strength wise now than I ever have been in my life. I can snowboard longer, better and with more athletic ability than ever before. Strength and agility has made me pain free and it makes just everyday things easier. Work has become far less painful and I just move better in general. Dave doesn’t just provide a “workout” but an education to better ones body both physically and nutritionally.

Tawn M.

Seattle, WA

When I started, I had no strength training experience. I had never participated in sports, and the last time I had seen the inside of a gym was for my PE class in high-school (over 20 years prior). Fortunately for me, when I met Dave, he chose to see me as a blank slate–no bad habits and only room for improvement!  After two years of careful instruction and continual encouragement by Dave, I amazed myself with my first pull-up, and about six months ago, my first dip! Granted, these are just baby steps, but I never imagined doing these skills just a few short years ago.

Perhaps the most surprising part of my experience has been recognizing the confidence I have gained and seeing how that has carried over to other aspects of my life. Not only have I gotten physically stronger and thereby feel more comfortable participating in recreational activities with friends, but overcoming daunting challenges in the gym has given me greater confidence to tackle challenges in my daily life as well.

Jennifer L.

Bellevue, WA

Shortly after I decided to move to Seattle, I stumbled upon Dave Werner’s bio on the web.  I thought, “That is the guy I need to go see when I get to Seattle.”  Soon after I arrived, I made an appointment with Dave.

Dave started teaching me things I thought I knew.  He slowed down my movements, corrected my form and mistakes. Dave pushed when necessary, but more importantly, he often made me back off and focus on form.  The path has been bumpy and there have been struggles on the way, but I have not been stuck on the floor for days in back pain since I started with Dave.  I have not had to rely on chiropractors and medication to keep me moving.  I am as strong as I was as a Division 1 athlete 20 years ago, but now I understand how to be safe and how to work with my body.  Dave looks out for me, checks in with me frequently, and answers my numerous questions with aplomb.


Seattle, WA