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Read through these frequently asked questions to find out more about MoveSKILL.

What is TrainHeroic?

TrainHeroic  is a 3rd party application that allows us to deliver our workout programming, along with our instructional videos, via the phone, computer, or tablet. We use TrainHeroic so members can track and measure their progress.  TrainHeroic also allows members to connect with us and other members within our programs.

I’ve never done a pull-up in my life! I can’t even imagine how that will happen. Is moveSKILL too advanced for me?

Being strong enough to pull yourself up feels so amazing! Having shoulders that are capable of supporting your body weight is an important part of being healthy. We have helped many, many people achieve pull-ups. Many of whom had no idea they were capable of that kind of strength. You are capable of pull-ups also. Time is passing though, so lets get started.

What if I don’t have any exercise equipment? Is there anything I can do, equipment-less, in my backyard?

Learning to move well is NOT about the equipment. You can absolutely get started with very little stuff. With some creativity you can achieve the desired goals without spending a lot of money. We use many different pieces of exercise equipment though, because it helps us achieve what we are working toward. Some tools are too useful to ignore. Rings are a good example. In the end it is all up to you. Do what you can with what you have. Don’t let equipment, or the lack of it, be the excuse that holds you back.

Are there different workouts for men and women?

Yes and no. Many of our criteria are given as a percentage of body weight, to allow for different body types. Some exercise weights or times are specified differently for males and females. Remember though that the subject here is general fitness; being able to move and work with your own body. Small or large, male or female we all need to move our own bodies with control and confidence and grace.

Will I bulk up from moveSKILL? I don’t want to look too muscle-y. Will I bulk up from moveSKILL? I WANT to get big!

Bodybuilding, the pursuit of larger muscles, is not the same thing as strength training. Our goal at is to provide programming designed to maximize your strength and your ability to move well, without adding muscle size. Adding muscle mass, for those folks who want it, requires special training methods AND special eating habits. This can be added to moveSKILL programming but it will take extra effort and dedication. Adding muscle is not easy for most people.

Healthy bodies do have a certain amount of muscle on them, this is not a bad thing.

I’m overweight and haven’t exercised in awhile. Can I use this program?

You are one of the reasons this program exists. We designed the moveSKILL program to help you understand and develop your general physical fitness. If you are, at present, out of condition, it only means that your journey will take longer. We don’t mind. Time is passing though, so lets get started.

I have a bad back. Will this prevent me from using moveSKILL? How do I keep from hurting myself?

We have a lot of experience helping people with chronic back pain. Clearly a careful approach to exercise is necessary but keep in mind that muscle is what holds your body together and allows you to move. Careful training using safe, effective movement patterns is transformative.

I’m in my 60s. Is this for younger people?

It is never too late to start. We have worked (so far) with people into their eighties. With the proper attention to detail you will not be injured and you will improve your ability to move. Developing your general fitness will be a huge boost to your quality of life!