During every minute of our lives, our bodies are adapting.  We can harness this process for healing far more than most people realize.

I grew up in Oklahoma working on farms and wrestling.  At 17 I joined the Navy and became a SEAL by the age of 18.  I was a tough scrappy kid with a resilient body and had no pain or injuries holding me back. That all changed in my late 20’s when I got out of the Navy due to a back injury and spent years in chronic pain.  Eventually, I realized I had to find a way to regain my strength without causing more damage.

My experience includes being a Navy SEAL for 12 years, owning a gym for 15+ years with over 500 clients, an engineering background in electronics, metal working and fabrication, playing the cello, doing a stint crab fishing in the Bering sea, climbing Mt. Rainier at age 50 with a drop foot, tug boat engineer, and  Grandpa to 4 wonderful grandkids.

The greatest satisfaction in life is solving problems, overcoming challenges, and helping others do the same.


Nancy Meenen is my wife and manages all the things.