About Us

The endgame, after all, is not how many plates you can put on a barbell. The goal is to be able to move better, period. That will make all of your other pursuits more profitable.

Why moveSKILL?

What is the best way to develop a general fitness workout plan? The workouts need to meet the needs of people at many different ability levels, they need to be fun and challenging and most importantly, they need to result in consistent fitness improvement. A deep dive into answering this question is the reason I started moveSKILL.

The experience and knowledge I gained over many years of strength and conditioning coaching at our gym, led to creating the Athletic Skill Levels in 2006 and then moveSKILL in 2013.  The Athletic Skill Levels provide a complete set of goals and benchmarks while moveSKILL programming provides a comprehensive training program to reach those goals.

moveSKILL provides the most effective general fitness workouts available anywhere. With our 3 levels of programming – Beginner, Fitness and Performance – anyone can workout at the exact level of challenge needed to see excellent results.

Have more fun and see better results than you ever have!

Best Regards,

I joined the Navy when I was 17 years old and spent the next 12 years having adventures as a Navy SEAL. I left the Navy due to a back injury and eventually worked as an electrical engineer. Good fortune led me to open the first CrossFit Affiliate on the planet back in 2002 in my little one car garage. I created the Athletic Skill Levels in 2006 and founded moveSKILL.com in 2013.

Dave Werner, Owner

I joined the Army when I was 21 years old and spent the next 6 years having adventures as a Chaplain’s Assistant (one weekend a month). I left the Army because it was time and have worked in many interesting positions at the University of Washington as well as working in our businesses. Along the way I have taken some deep dives into the world of bugs, gardening, and moonsquatting.

Nancy Meenen, Owner

What we all need is mobility, that is, the ability to control our movements through the needed ranges of motion using our own strength.

Movement skill.

Everything will improve if you move better. Mobility is a matter of strength and stability. The parts of your body that are supposed to move can’t move properly if the parts that are supposed to be stable aren’t stable.





This programming is AWESOME! I have been a crossfitter for four years now, but this is the best combo of lifting/mobility/metcons that I have seen. I love the variety, how well thought-out it is, and the detailed explanations — the quality is unbelievable and it has given me a renewed motivation. Great work — I can tell a lot of thought is put into this. The videos are great, I am telling everyone at the gym about this — what great value!

Constance M.

The programming and content is super! I like that the workouts are hard but don’t kill you and makes you train for longevity.  Thank you for the great programming!

Norwin S.

I just wanted to say that this programming is awesome, been following since april and from the start of cycle one. Some friends played around with ring muscle-ups today and I had to try. I have only once before done one strict MU. Today I could do three strict ones in a row, two times. And I have more in me 🙂  Thank you Dave – you really know what you are doing!  Keep up the good work!

Henrik S.