What is the best way to develop a general fitness workout plan?  The workouts need to meet the needs of people at many different ability levels, they need to be fun and challenging and most importantly, they need to result in consistent fitness improvement.  A deep dive into answering this question is the reason I started moveSKILL.

The experience and knowledge I gained over many years of strength and conditioning coaching at our gym, led to creating the Athletic Skill Levels in 2006 and then moveSKILL in 2014.  The Athletic Skill Levels provide a complete set of goals and benchmarks while moveSKILL programming provides a comprehensive training program to reach those goals.

moveSKILL provides the most effective general fitness workouts available anywhere.  With our 3 levels of programming – Beginner, Fitness and Performance – anyone can workout at the exact level of challenge needed to see excellent results.

Have more fun and see better results than you ever have!


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