CrossFit North’s Suffer on Saturday

By Nancy Meenen

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After the CrossFit Challenge we realized we wanted to have more throw down workouts and mini competitions but also use it as a vehicle to invite people to experience CrossFit for themselves. Then they could see how fun it was.  Dave’s brilliant idea was to call these monthly free gatherings Suffer on Saturday (S.O.S.)  The idea was for our clients to bring friends and family and show them what a good time we were having…suffering together.

On the day of S.O.S., we would give a little coaching and instruction about the movements, explain the workout and then have a competition, often in teams. Many of our regular clients would show up and some times a few others.

I’m not sure how many new clients we generated from our monthly S.O.S. workouts but what did happen was some epic and fun throw downs.  Quite a bit of creativity went into these S.O.S. workouts – log carry, obstacle courses, tractor pull, barbell chariot races and some great hoover ball games, to name a few.   And the truth is, slowly word was spreading around town about this crazy workout thing called CrossFit.


Postcards from the first Suffer On Saturday workouts.