What Makes moveSKILL Unique?

By Dave Werner

What makes the moveSKILL program unique?


A good training program requires specific goals and a plan for reaching those goals. Without a plan you are not training, you are just working out.

The moveSKILL program provides planning in several ways.

– Targeted training programs. Whether you are just getting started, are already somewhat fit, or are working on higher level skills, we have a program for you.

– Structured goals. Each moveSKILL program is based on specific strength training progressions. Bodyweight strength benchmarks, absolute strength benchmarks, and skill development benchmarks, are drawn from the moveSKILL level system. We then develop a specific, detailed plan to guide your progress toward all of these goals. Making progress toward multiple goals at the same time is not easy, but with careful planning it is possible!

– Warm-up routines. moveSKILL warm-ups are carefully planned to prepare your muscles and joints for that day’s work and to facilitate long-term improvement in joint mobility.

– Periodized strength training. Every moveSKILL program follows a periodized planning cycle. Yearly cycles are sub-divided into 6 month macro-cycles, further broken down into 6-8 week meso-cycles, and even shorter micro-cycles. All of this planning on our part ensures maximum results for you.

– Cycled metabolic conditioning. Simply trying to “work harder” is not an effective long term strategy. The moveSKILL program targets different metabolic pathways in planned development cycles. Some days will feel easy, some days hard, but you will make long term progress in your conditioning while minimizing burnout and plateaus.

– Joint mobility. From the warm-up routines, to the strength training movements, to the post workout recovery routines, the entire moveSKILL program is designed to improve stability and range of motion in all of your body’s major joints.

– Balanced development. Benchmarks within the moveSKILL levels are carefully calibrated to ensure that your strength development is balanced throughout your body. Our entire strength development program takes this balanced development into account. This approach ensures that you will be able to move past previous plateaus, as well as avoid many common causes of training related chronic pain.

– Recovery and cool down routines. These routines balance each day’s work and provide you with specific guidance on effective recovery methods.

– Instruction. A major part of our commitment to you is to provide clear guidance on every aspect of our program. Detailed instructions are provided for each daily workout. A clear video demonstration is provided for every exercise movement. You will never have to guess what we are asking you to do. We also provide hundreds of longer instructional videos, providing detailed guidance for all major movements. You will get much greater benefit from your work when you understand what you are trying to do.

No generic program will be able to deliver the same benefits as a training plan tailored specifically for you. However, the moveSKILL programs comes as close as possible to guiding you to the results of a fully individualized plan. We have done the planning work for you, balancing the multiple aspects of joint mobility, strength development, skill acquisition, and metabolic conditioning. Our detailed workout descriptions and full library of instructional material provide you a rich resource to understand and fine-tune your own training progress.

What you get when training with moveSKILL is a highly detailed plan to reach specific training goals and detailed instructional material to help you really understand the training process. No other general fitness training program even comes close!