Best Practices


Two main factors will determine how enjoyable and successful your workout experience will be; the quality of your work and the consistency of your work. Developed together these factors will guarantee progress, and making progress is rewarding, so your program will also be fun.

Focus on consistency first. As you create new habits your efforts to learn new skills will be more productive.


Find places to workout

  • Home gym
  • Commercial gym
  • Park

3 – 5 daily workouts per week

  • As schedule and fitness allow
  • Warm-up routine before each workout

Try to find a training partner

  • Being accountable to someone else will help your consistency

Think of ways to increase overall daily movement

  • Walk or bicycle to work some days
  • Walk more in general
  • Consider a standing or a walking desk
  • Try to sit less

Recovery week

  • Reduce workout intensity every 4 weeks or so.
  • Your workouts should feel easy during a recovery period.
  • Mix up routine in these recovery weeks, i.e. substitute a hike for a workout.
  • 3 weeks of hard work and one week of easy work is a sustainable pattern which will greatly assist your overall progress.
  • Recovery week is a mental break as well. Life is more fun when your nose is not ALWAYS on the grindstone.



Developing general fitness requires the simultaneous development of multiple areas. These areas include strength, flexibility, cardio-vascular endurance and others. The most important of these areas is movement quality. In sport this would just be called learning the correct technique. There is a correct technique however, for all human movement. The moveSKILL program is based on progressing from basic to advanced movement patterns in all of the fundamental ways the human body is capable of moving. These patterns lay the foundation for every physical activity.

The progress cycle should help you set priorities as you develop your fitness practice. This is a basic hierarchy of how sustainable progress happens and it applies to everyone and, to every stage of development.



Your journey toward becoming very fit and healthy will require many, many turns through the progress cycle. Real progress takes a long time. Be patient and enjoy the process. By focusing first and foremost on movement quality – by trying to get each exercise “right” – you will have the most successful and enjoyable journey possible.