January 1, 2018
      New Cycle, New Year!

      Goals for 2018 Cycle 1:

      The primary purpose of Cycle 1 2018 is to build capacity for progress. All of the strength progressions prioritize higher repetition sets or on increasing your max rep capacity.

      The primary strength and skill priorities for this cycle are improving:

      1) Your overhead position and strength using dumbbell pressing and handstand work.
      2) Barbell deadlift technique and the stamina of your lower back and hips.
      3) Increasing your hip mobility and stability at the bottom of the squat with weighted split squats.
      4) Upper back strength with horizontal pulling and chin-up work.
      5) Trunk stability with overhead squats, L-sit and leg raise progressions.

      We will finish the 8 week cycle with test for Max reps push-ups, Max reps chin-ups and 12 RM deadlifts.

      Metabolic training will include a mix of lactic and alactic anaerobic, and aerobic work. This solid combination of training for general fitness will build on the longer more aerobic work of the last cycle. This will help prepare you if you choose to participate in the CrossFit open workouts. This cycle is also a good mix for those who just want to improve their conditioning.

      This program will help you build very stable shoulders, capable of strong motion through a very large range of motion. To get this development off to a good start you will find a variety of shoulder strength training moves covering many different angles.

      I have also included a lot of structural balance training, these movements may not be very exciting but each movement is chosen for maximum effectiveness. Pay close attention to your technique while doing any shoulder training. It takes practice and work to really understand how to properly engage your shoulders but the effort will transform your shoulders! All of this cycle is building toward more advanced upper body strength and skill work in upcoming cycles.

      Wishing you a great new year of training and lots of progress!


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