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The MoveSkill program is a daily workout program. Members follow one of three different workouts. As they progress, members take advantage of our many videos, podcasts and articles to learn how and why to build an amazing level of general physical fitness.

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Easily start and easily cancel your monthly subscription to MoveSkill programming. Pick a team (Level: Beginner, Fitness or Performance) and start today. You can change teams at any time.

Fitness Programming


Beginner – $10/mo

MoveSkill programming for beginners addresses basic joint stability, being able to move hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles through their full ranges of motion pain free and with control. Following the beginner workouts will guide you to a basic level of strength in all of the fundamental movement patterns, help you develop some basic work capacity, and prepare you to move on to the Fitness level.

Fitness – $10/mo

As you begin training at the MoveSkill Fitness level you have learned the proper movement patterns, and are able to properly execute barbell squats, deadlifts and military presses. As a Fitness athlete you are able work hard and continuously for up to 30 minutes and may be able to sustain easier work for much longer.

Performance – $10/mo

Performance MoveSkill athletes are beginning to practice complex movement patterns and specific athletic skills. They are learning and becoming good at activities such as; olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, basic gymnastic strength training, sprinting, agility, and tumbling. The Performance level is characterized by using increasingly complex skills and combinations of previously mastered movements. 

Athletic Skill Levels

The Athletic Skill Levels are a series of goals created to guide your progress as you improve your physical ability. These goals help you to identify areas of your fitness that need improvement. Spending some of your training time working on your weak areas will allow you to stay healthy and become very fit.

Level 1

Healthy beginner. This level is the minimum standard for health. Lacking these basic levels of strength, flexibility and work capacity makes daily life unnecessarily limited. The complete Level I should be attainable within three to 12 months for those with no significant limitations. At this level, proper basic movements, such as hip flexion and active shoulder use, are developed, while healed injuries and structural problems are resolved.

Level 3

Advanced athlete. Few people posses this level of general fitness, although any healthy person can achieve it. The strength, work capacity, power and skill required to meet these goals can prepare you to tackle any kind of physical performance with competence and confidence. Expect to invest another three to five years of consistent effort. This is an appropriate level of general fitness for those who depend on their fitness: competitive athletes, military, law enforcement and firefighters. Engaging in combat or highly competitive sports without possessing the abilities of Level III is inviting injury or failure. Any additional requirements of your sport need to be added to this list.

Level 2

Intermediate athlete. All healthy adults can aspire to this level of fitness and should perceive these skills as normal. Basic movements are perfected and advanced skills are introduced. The complete Level II may take from six months to several years to reach after achieving Level I. Along the way, you develop significant levels of strength, stamina, work capacity and speed, building on the Level I foundation already attained.

Level 4

Elite athlete. This level of achievement requires long-term dedication and a passion for fitness. The skills required of Level IV are very advanced and, taken as a whole, represent a highly skilled and well-rounded athlete.


This programming is AWESOME! I have been a crossfitter for four years now, but this is the best combo of lifting/mobility/metcons that I have seen. I love the variety, how well thought-out it is, and the detailed explanations -- the quality is unbelievable and it has given me a renewed motivation. Great work -- I can tell a lot of thought is put into this. The videos are great, I am telling everyone at the gym about this -- what great value!

Constance M.

I just wanted to say that this programming is awesome, been following since april and from the start of cycle one. Some friends played around with ring muscle-ups today and I had to try. I have only once before done one strict MU. Today I could do three strict ones in a row, two times. And I have more in me 🙂  Thank you Dave - you really know what you are doing!  Keep up the good work!

Henrik S.