November 26, 2013
      Begin by positioning the rings at roughly shoulder width and make sure both are even and secure. After you have a firm grip on the rings, walk yourself back into a plank with your arms extended in front and your heels and knees together. Squeeze your butt and abs to form a solid middle. Externally rotate your hands outward (thumbs should be near 11 and 1 o’clock). Wrists, elbows and shoulders should be nicely stacked in line over each other.

      To better engage use the tops of your toes rather than the bottoms to balance on.

      Once you’re ready to descend, keep your butt and belly squeezed while lowering, don’t let the middle sag whatsoever. As the elbows bend they need to stack over the wrists and gradually open very slightly. At the very bottom the thumbs should be turned out, elbows just outside of wrists and an active core before resetting to the top.

      If anything comes apart on the drive up, reset into a good plank position before beginning again.

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