November 17, 2013
      Before attempting a full Handstand Wall Hold be sure you can perform the easier progression as well as a Wall Walk.

      Slowly walk yourself into a handstand with your chest facing the wall. Your goal is not to get your body against the wall, but rather to press your head forward to open your shoulders. The object is to stack your hips and shoulders directly over your hands.

      Once up focus on maintaining a tight midline and glute. Point your toes and squeeze your heals together. Make sure your arms are locked out and actively push your hands into the ground.

      Begin the weight transfer by shifting the weight to one side and driving hard through the shoulder while maintaining a tight midline. Use the opposite hand to balance and assist with the weight transfer. While the weight is transferred lift the hand and shift the hand position to the side then slide the entire midline over the new hand placement. Repeat the process and keep the midline firmly under control.

      Always save enough energy to walk out of the hold safely.

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