November 29, 2013
      The Tuck Back Lever should be attempted carefully at first. In the beginning your goal is not to lift your legs off the ground, instead you should try to support as much of your bodyweight as possible on the rings. If this allows you to raise your legs off the ground then do so. If not, be patient and proceed carefully.

      Start with the rings in front of you push them behind you and squat down so you can “hang” from the rings. Begin actively pulling your shoulders down towards your hips. Then push down on the rings driving them towards your hips. Your elbows should not bend at all. If you can start to lift your heels up, but keep your toes firmly planted on the ground. Do not try to kick yourself up, do not try to pick your feet up unless you can hold this position with minimal assistance from your feet for at least sixty seconds.

      This is a difficult movement that takes time!

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