November 17, 2013
      The Straddle L-Sit requires a great deal of hip flexibility and hip flexor strength. If you are unable to sit in a straddle on the floor and lean forward to about 45º above horizontal you will find this move difficult if not impossible. However the Elevated Straddle L-Sit will give you some grace room compared to the Floor Straddle L-Sit.

      Before Attempting this you should be able to do the following:
      Parallel Handle Support
      Parallel Handle L-Sit
      Pike L-Sit

      Place your hands on the parallets with your legs in a wide straddle. Then push into a support and bring your legs up while trying to keep knees straight. If you are able to pull your feet up higher than the parallets then you may be ready for the Floor Straddle L-Sit.

      The Floor Straddle L-Sit is performed in roughly the same fashion as but requires a bit more wrist strength and flexibility. Sit on the floor in a straddle place your palms down between your legs and lean forward as you press into the ground. You must pull your feet up hard with your hip flexors. If you are unable to get your feet off the ground you may elevate yourself slightly using a large bumper-plate or other suitable tool.

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