November 11, 2013
      A Squat Thrust starts from a standing position where you’re ready to jump from. While hinging through the hips and pushing them backwards, reach for the ground with a width just outside of the feet. Keep the back flat and kick your feet back into a plank position. Remember, abs and belly tight through the whole sequence. For the Squat Thrust there is no need to bend the elbows and perform the Push-up.

      From there drive up explosively with the hips and bring feet back beneath you. If possible be explosive enough nail down a sequence where the feet replace the hands so that you can land in the bottom of the squat.
      Once at the bottom of the squat drive up explosively again and jump vertically so that your toes leave the ground. You will want to land in the same position you began so that you could perform these back to back without resetting between each.

      Remember to:
      Brace!!! Butt and abs squeezed tight
      Keep your back as flat as possible with no sag
      Stack the shoulders elbows and wrists under each other and create torque in the shoulder by screwing your hands into the ground

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