November 29, 2013
      Skin the Cat is an advanced movement and should only be done once you have a mastery of the Tuck Front Lever and Tuck Back Lever.

      Begin in a dead hang position with active shoulder support and a hollow body. Your hands should be turned out in order to “push” the rings forward. Bring your knees to your chest and begin to perform a Tuck Front Lever continuing to push until your hips are level with the rings. Keep your tucked position and rotate the rings so your hands are facing back in order to maintain the “push” as you lower your body into the Tuck Back Lever portion.

      To return tuck your head and bring your legs to your chest as you initiate the reverse of the movement. Rotate the rings forward once your hips are vertical and lower yourself to the front hang in a controlled decent.

      There is absolutely no kipping or swinging into this movement. Any extra momentum can result in a serious shoulder injury. You should also never use your feet on the rings to pull yourself thru the movement.

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