November 26, 2013
      The Single Leg Box Squat is a relatively easy way to work on single leg squatting. We recommend you start with a box that is just below hip height and then begin to work your way down as you progress. Make sure what ever you are sitting or leaning on can support your weight and will not tip over.

      Your hips should function just as they do in an Air Squat. With One leg extended in front pull your hips back while maintaining a neutral spine. You may reach in front to assist in your balance. Knees may track over your feet, but not past your toes and heels must stay on the ground.
      As you lower yourself on to the box try to keep most of your weight on your feet.
      Begin standing by keeping your torso forward and driving your weight into the heel of your foot.

      If you find you are on the box and unable to stand on a single leg then stand with two feet, do not heave your arms forward for momentum.

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