November 29, 2013
      Rowing can be divided into two sections, the “Drive” and the “Recovery” stages.

      The Drive will begin in what is called the catch position. Here you are as far forward as you can be on the machine, your arms are extended straight in front of you. Your back is neutral and shoulders and back as you lean forward to the one o’clock position.
      Begin the Drive by pressing your feet into the footplates maintaining the one o’clock position until your knees approach straight. At this point begin to lean back to the eleven o’clock position and then draw the hands back to the bottom of your ribs in a straight line.
      Once here your body is no further back than eleven o’clock, with a neutral spine and neck.

      Recovery begins with your arms extending forward until they are straight. Lean your upper body forward to the one o’clock position. Once your hands are past your knees allow your knees to bend and gradually slide the seat forward.

      The C2 Indoor Rower has the ability to be used as a tool for low impact warm ups or in high intensity conditioning work.

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