November 29, 2013
      The one arm kettle bell or dumbbell sit-up begins by driving the weight straight up while laying on your back. The wrist, elbow and shoulder should be stacked on top of each other. Once the weight is supported and firmly controlled begin the sit-up by pushing the weight slightly towards the feet, contracting the abs and beginning to “sit-up” with the torso. As you leave the ground drive the weight overhead and extend the arm and shoulder with a slight turning of the thumbs out. At the top the arm should be nearly straight and you’re able to reach as high as you can on that side.

      Return to the ground by beginning the same way and slightly pushing the weight forward as you descend. Make sure to pull it back into the same position as in the beginning. Everything should begin and end the same way, stacked above each other.

      Stay controlled at all times!

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