October 23, 2014
      Structural Balance: Is it the key to your next personal record?
      By Jim Hein

      So you’ve been chipping away at that next PR (Personal Record) and you can’t seem to make it happen. You’ve trained hard, eaten right and prepared yourself in every way you can imagine and you’re stuck. Hate to tell you this but YOU may be holding yourself back. Step back for just a moment and do a quick self-assessment. Is one arm, shoulder, or leg weaker or have a lesser range of motion than the other. If so you lack structural balance.

      An easy way to test for this is to see if the heaviest weight with which you can perform 15 repetitions of a dumbbell press on your right is the same as the heaviest weight that you can do with your left. Do the same with a split squat. If you find that they’re different ,you’ve just discovered one of the things holding you back. You are structurally imbalanced. Kim Goss, head coach for the Bigger Faster Stronger team, summarized it up really well by saying “the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”. Crush that next PR by minimizing your imbalances so you can maximize your strength and power.

      An integral part of the moveSKILL philosophy is that all aspects of strength, flexibility, coordination and conditioning must be developed with a certain balance in mind. No matter what avenue of health or sport you enjoy, all of them build on patterns which inherently build imbalances. If you are not able to project strength and power equally, you are more exposed to potential injury and impaired performance. The way to correct these imbalances is through supplemental lifts or movements.

      Part of the idea of structural balance is to iron out weaknesses in the body with ideal doses of accessory movements, unilateral work, and exercise pairing. With the right dose you minimize strength and flexibility imbalances as well as prepare connective tissues for greater more explosive loads down the line.

      For an approach that integrates structural balance through movement, strength and exercise with online day-to-day programming please join us at moveSKILL.com. To explore further find a Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP) coach in your area or check out Poliquingroup.com.

      Regardless of what you are pursuing – health, performance, movement or longevity – the most bang for your buck is including structural balance into your training. It’s a sure fire way to break through plateaus and prevent injuries along the way.

      Stay STRONG!

      Jim Hein

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