May 22, 2017
      Our Fitness and Performance Programs start a new training cycle May 22nd, 2017.

      We have an exciting and challenging set of progressions coming this cycle including;

      • Vertical pressing strength with both Push-press and Military press progressions
      • Lots of midline stability development with L-sit and Hollow Body progressions
      • Upper back strength with Chin-up and Bent Over Row progressions
      • And an extremely challenging squat program!

      I am most excited about the squat program! We will be introducing and working on a very demanding movement called the 1-1/4 Front squat. This squat variation doubles the amount of time you spend at the bottom of your squat and requires you to start your drive up – the hardest part of squatting – TWICE each rep. This is a movement that everyone loves to hate, and it will improve your strength and stability at the bottom of the squat dramatically.

      After this cycle you can count on big improvements in your pressing and squatting strength.

      For the metabolic work, we are going to focus on improving your 400 meter run time, practice a broad range of different time and work demands, as well as a dumbbell complex.

      As usual, this cycle will include several different progressions to develop shoulder strength and structural balance. You are building very strong, very resilient shoulders which are capable of advanced moves such as chest to bar pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstands, handstand push-ups and press to handstands.


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