Programming update

    March 12, 2017
      Primary Goals

      MoveSKILL is starting a new training cycle March 13th, 2017.

      We are putting a big emphasis on upper body strength this cycle, with the primary strength priorities being strict/weighted pull-ups, strict/weighted dips and military press. Back squat is the lower body strength priority. Skill work will include overhead squats, and a barbell complex progression. The trunk/core strength focus will be on further developing your L-sit. We will finish the cycle in mid-May with a 3 Rep-Max test for back squat and 2 Rep-Max tests for pull-ups, dips and military press.

      In the metabolic work we are going to focus on using heavy anaerobic intervals to create an aerobic debt. This work will include the Crossfit workout Chelsea and a barbell complex.

      The shoulder strength and structural balance training will continue. You are building very strong, very resilient shoulders which are capable of advanced moves such as chest to bar pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstands, handstand push-ups and press to handstands.

      Secondary Goals

      Secondary emphasis will be put on hip strength using deadlifts, single leg strength using split squats, and single leg deadlifts. As always there is a mix of metabolic work. A big goal is to be capable of working hard while maintaining good technical execution of all your movements.

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