December 31, 2016
      Goals for Cycle 1, 2017
      Jan 2nd  – Mar 13th

      Primary Goals

      MoveSKILL is starting a new training cycle January 2nd, 2017.  The primary strength and skill priorities for this cycle are front squats, power cleans, and push-presses.  We will finish the cycle in early March with 2 Rep Max tests for power cleans and push-presses, 3 Rep max test for front squats.

      Metabolic training will include a mix of lactic and alactic anaerobic, and aerobic work. This solid combination of training for general fitness will build on the longer more aerobic work of the last cycle. This will help prepare you if you choose to participate in the CrossFit open workouts. This cycle is also a good mix for those who just want to improve their conditioning.

      We have been including a lot of shoulder strength and structural balance training and this will continue. We are building toward more advanced upper body strength and skill work in upcoming cycles.

      Secondary Goals

      Secondary emphasis will be put on dumbbell military press, pull-ups, the CrossFit named workout “Grace”, and kettlebell clean & jerk tests.


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