Programming update

    November 26, 2016
      Moveskill is going to start a new, full training cycle on January 2nd, 2017. This makes Cycle 4, the last cycle of this year, 5 weeks long instead of the usual 10. Taking into account the holidays, what we can accomplish in the last 5 weeks of the year is somewhat limited. 

      This presents a great opportunity though, to consolidate strength gains from this last year with some higher volume work. Focusing on maintaining great technique while performing higher reps and longer workouts will build stamina and work capacity. Many people appreciate longer workouts through the holidays.  After all, we have to burn off all the extra food and alcohol!

      All of the strength training work this cycle will be at relatively higher volume – sets of 8, 10, and higher. There are a few exceptions with some bodyweight movements, such as pull-ups, dips, and rope pull-ups. Those movements are difficult for many people to perform at higher reps and still maintain good technique, so we will keep volume high by adding more sets for those movements. 

      We will continue to add in shoulder assistance work. This has helped many of our athletes make extra progress in strength development and in improved shoulder function. This cycle is a great time to put some extra focus in that area and get your shoulders ready for another great year of training.

      We are not going to work on low rep/high intensity squats or deadlifts during Cycle 4 but, this does NOT mean the work will be easy! Plan on some tough workouts with higher rep sets. Working up to 6 sets of 10 back squats for instance.

      I need to mention deadlifts separately. This cycle will call for a LOT of deadlifting. Count on 2 deadlift days every 10 day microcycle with one of those days calling for 8 to 10 rep ranges, and the other calling for 15 to 20 rep ranges. Yes, up to 20 rep deadlifts! Obviously you will need to monitor your loads so that you can maintain really solid technique.

      Our plan is to use this 5 week cycle to do some significant base building for your hip, leg, low back, and midline strength. We will consolidate last years strength progress and set the stage for the coming year.

      Look for longer, more aerobic, metabolic work in Cycle 4. We won’t do much in the way of short, very intense, interval work.

      Happy holidays and great training to all of you.

      Dave Werner
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