February 13, 2015
      In this podcast, Dave and Zack talk about skill level testing and answer some questions from moveSKILL.com members. 

      • 3:34 – How do I adjust the schedule of workouts and rest days to fit my week?
      • 7:44 – On rest days, should I practice the skills in the videos?
      • 10:21 – Do I need to lose lean body mass to improve my gymnastic skills?
      • 13:40 – When should I do extra skill work?  14:48 – Do I need to stretch other than in the workouts?
      • 18:51 – How often should I test my skill levels?
      • 20:07 – How do I avoid doing too many things at once?
      • 21:55 – I’m stuck between Intermediate and Advanced, which program should I follow?
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