February 4, 2014
      Many of you have seen our beginner test for the moveSKILL Levels. When we filmed that test our athlete Meg failed to complete the push-up section. Now, Meg is no slouch. As soon as we finished filming she asked us what she needed to do.

      Up to this point Meg had been doing push-up negatives on a daily basis. Over the course of a few months she began to build the strength to lower herself down under control. However, she had not worked on any kind of full range of motion pushup, down and up. This was limiting her ability to turn the movement around at the bottom. That week we gave her some homework. Any chance she got, she was to complete 5-10 incline push-ups. These were to be done at an angle that was difficult, but allowed her to push back up to the top without much fuss.

      A few weeks later we came into the gym and sure enough Meg was doing full pushups. Since we filmed the video Meg’s push-ups have only gotten better.

      To see Meg’s Push-ups skip to the end of the video.

      Congrats to Meg for the hard work.



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