January 25, 2014
      Our gym has a lot of equipment. This is a perk of being in business for over a decade. However, we understand that these toys are expensive. Today we take a look at sandbags and how they can be used in lieu of barbells or other tools.

      Sandbags are an excellent training tool and they can be used to solve several different training problems. Using sandbags can allow you to train when you don’t have the space or budget for a barbell and weight plates. The sandbag can be very heavy, 100 lbs. or more depending on the size of the outer bag.Your outer sandbag can be loaded with variable numbers of smaller internal bags to quickly change the total weight. Making a smaller lighter sandbag is also useful for lifting overhead and swinging motions.

      Sandbags are shifty and difficult to grip. This is actually an advantage. Your grip strength will be developed in new ways when you routinely hang on to your sandbag. The irregular shape and size will also force you to challenge hip, ankle and shoulder mobility as you lift your bag from the ground and find ways to hold it on your shoulder. Using a sandbag as a squat weight is also a useful way to increase your trunk stiffness. It is HARD to stabilize your body when a loose, shifty load is on your shoulders! Martial artists, people whose jobs require lifting and moving things, and people who are just looking for a unique training challenge can all benefit from using a sandbag as a training load.

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